Explainer Animation: AquaSaver

Did you know that 4-10 Litres of water are wasted every time you run the hot tap and wait for the hot water to arrive?

Aquasaver is a simple device that automatically diverts the cooled water back into the system to be recycled.


When you turn on the hot tap, there is usually a delay before the hot water arrives. The cold water in the pipe goes straight down the drain.

The amount of water wasted depends upon the length of pipe
between the hot water source and the tap.

In a typical house, between 4 and 10 litres of fresh water are wasted every time a hot tap is used. Aquasaver is a simple, inexpensive system that reduces this water wastage.

Aquasaver redirects the cold water back into the system where it can be recycled for toilet cisterns, washing machines or garden water storage.

When the hot water arrives at the tap, Aquasaver lets it through.

Aquasaver works with a range of hot water sources – such as immersion heaters or combination boilers, and can easily be fitted in houses, offices, hotels, boats – in fact, anywhere that hot water is used.

Saving Water is good for the environment, and will save money where water is metered.

Aquasaver – saving water, saving money.

About Explainer Animations

We produced this animation from scratch for Advanced Water Save Ltd, to help people understand the impact of their innovation and to attract the attention of investors and potential customers.

Animation is a great way – sometimes the only way – to show how a system works that would be completely hidden in real life.

It allows you to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the information you want to convey; they won’t be distracted by background detail, like what age the house is or the apparent income bracket of the occupants.

Explainer Animations are a highly effective way to raise awareness of an innovative technology, product, service or process.