Explainer Animation: BERRI Case Study

BERRI has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of children in the UK, whilst reducing the cost of their care. We created this animated explainer showing a real-life example* of how this innovate system works.

*All data has been anonymised to protect privacy.


Daniel was a troubled 14 year old, placed into foster care.

Each time he was placed with a family, something would go wrong – and he would have to be moved on.

He went through 6 foster homes like this.

Then two children’s homes.

Everyone believed that Daniel was headed for a worse destination.

At that point his care workers used BERRI.

Daniel’s mother had died not long after the argument that led to him coming into Care.

He was still grieving, and carrying an unbearable level of guilt.

He feared getting close to anyone else. 

So he hid his depression behind his destructive behaviour.

Medication to relieve his depression helped him to open himself up to therapy.

Bereavement therapy helped Daniel understand his Mum’s death was not his fault, and allowed him to form new relationships with caregivers.

Almost immediately, Daniel’s life began to turn around. 

Within a few months he was able to move out of the care home, into a new foster placement which, 18 months later, is still going well.

He was able to engage better in school, make new friends and see a more optimistic future.

BERRI had helped Daniel’s social worker and carers to see clearly what was required.

Using BERRI helped to give Daniel a better life, and it also saved a lot of money. 

Had this intervention happened earlier, the tremendous cost (personal and financial) to Daniel, his carers and the public purse could have been avoided.

An estimated £120,000 per year has been saved by providing the right resources to Daniel.

Across the UK there are potentially thousands of children in a similar situation. 

It’s time to do something about it.

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About Video Explainers

We produced this animation from scratch for Lifepsychol Ltd, to help people understand the impact of their innovation and to attract the attention of investors and potential customers.

Animation is a great way – sometimes the only way – to illustrate a powerful concept that can’t necessarily be shown physically.

It allows you to concentrate the viewer’s attention on just the salient information and – where necessary – to avoid issues of representation that might otherwise detract from the central points being made.

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